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Your next generation fly trap is here!


Designed to either be hung up or placed on the ground.  The beauty of the iCatchi fly trap is that it keeps the bait & insect separate allowing the flies to dry out naturally enabling you to dispose of them & clean out the trap without hassle or fuss.


Flies are unsightly pests, not to mention the fact that they can carry diseases, that said flies are also a very important part of the food chain.  Fish, reptiles & chicken all incorporate flies into their diet & with iCatchi’s bait separating technology, trapped flies can be returned to the environment as a food source to those animals as well as a means to mulch back into the soil adding microbes & organic matter to such – the way nature intended.


iCatchi is for outdoor use & is ideal for controlling flies around horse stables, barns, kitchens & dwellings.  It is also the perfect companion for camping trips or organised outdoor events – to keep flies at bay


How does iCatchi work?

  • Flies are attracted to the odour of the bait
  • Flies enter the trap through the rectangular holes between the bait bowl & the drying chamber
  • Instead of exiting through the entry holes, they fly towards the light which enters in from the clear lid & get trapped in the drying chamber
  • Once in the drying chamber they dry out
  • To remove flies simply remove the bait bowl, lift off the clear lid & shake out the dead flies


An extremely effective fly bait that is compatible with most fly traps/catchers & is recommended for use in the iCatchi re-usable fly trap


Our bait is specially designed to attract female flies which cuts down the breeding cycle resulting in less annoying flies around during the next season