Pre Loader


Always remember to use iCatchi bait for the best results


Step 1

The 45 g sachet of dry bait mixes to 1 litre warm water. Ideally the container should be made of plastic with a screw type lid


Step 2

The fly bait activates within 2 to 4 days after mixing. Keep mixed bait in a warm area.


Step 3

Decant 250 ml of mixed bait into iCatchi bait bowl. Keep the remaining bait in the mixing container to refill the iCatchi bait bowl when needed.  Our full instructional video can be viewed here

iCatchi Refill Kit

To simplify the process we have put together the iCatchi Refill Kit to make mixing bait as convenient & safe as possible, it includes a dedicated 1L bottle, gloves & 5 months worth of bait.


Once charged with fresh bait it is the most active and attractive strength will diminish over time. Thereafter it should be recharged. The lid of the container should be screwed tightly to maintain attractive strength.



Protein feeds should be treated as decaying food matter and precaution taken by washing hands thoroughly after working with them.. Probiotic sprays are useful in removing odour from your hands after use. The use of gloves is advised Keep mixed bait out of the reach of children and pets.  Please click here for our safety data sheet